Searching the Body Fitting Quick Prom Dress for the Prom Evening

Participating the prom night is most likely essentially the most meaningful occasion of any school student’s teen life. Compared with boys, girls like the prom night more for they have such a very good excuse to shop for brand new beautiful prom dresses. They’re going to their very best to locate the right dresses for themselves. Even so, deciding on “the one” is absolutely no simple job. You need to find out some skills. Only with this ability are you able to acquire your best dress. But of each of the abilities, figuring out the body shape before acquiring is of vital significance.

Commonly speaking, girls will put on ankle length extended prom dresses or formal attires. Even so, lately this trend is coming to an finish. Girls give a great deal consideration to the extra fashionable prom attires. The outcome is the fact that the short prom lunadress is accepted as a fashionable decision for the prom. Short prom dress is a lot more stylish and may bring girls physique shape perfectly. What is additional, brief prom dresses are additional comfy to wear. But this is not often the case. To ensure you happen to be comfortable dressing in them, you got to know the body shape perfectly.


When searching for your prom attire, remember that not all girls suit 1 type of attires although it really is amazingly gorgeous. Thus stick to the fashion trend blindly is nothing useful. Every single girl is shaped differently, hence you’ll want to select the one that suit you most effective. There is certainly various physique shapes, namely hourglass, apple, pear, athletic and so on. You’ll want to have a significant image of what your body shape is and what type of dresses suits you.

Quick prom dresses or excellent for those who have athletic physique shapes for it may bring out their muscular leg too as slender shoulder. The athletic physique kind likely to become square at the shoulders therefore a spaghetti straps dress work nicely. If you have an hourglass body shape then your curves would be the key concentrate. Blessed with such physique shape, you must take complete advantage of it. You’ve got no must worry concerning the types for almost all styles obtainable are suitable for you personally. To get a pear shape girl, try a dress that is certainly far more fitted at the prime and waist then flows out in the bottom. You’ll generally look stunning in case you stick towards the rule of accentuating your very good assets and playing down your not so great ones.


To create you decide on even much better, you’ll be able to bring some intimate buddies that have keen sense for fashion stuff. They may assist ensure that that you just pick a fantastic dress that is definitely fitting and appears perfect in your body. Should you stick to the recommendations aforementioned, you are going to certain to become the queen of your prom night.


Trending prom hairstyles in 2015

Perhaps choosing the hairstyle is the last thing many girls will do when preparing for the prom night. A suitable hairstyle should not only work well with your prom gown and your facial features, it should also show off your personality and be suitable for the prom theme. Wish to upgrade your hairstyles in 2015? Read on.

Hairstyles for long hair

If you have long hair, you are so lucky since there are so many fabulous styles for you to choose from. For example, you can create your long hair into a formal or casual updo braided up-do, or a casually twisted updo hairstyle. Besides, to make your hairstyle attract more head turns, you can add some special accessories such as feather, diamonded pins or ribbons. To ensure the splendid hairstyle can last the whole night, you can apply some hold hairspray to keep it in style longer. In addition, you can add some bangs or not according to your face shapes and dress.

prom hairstyle for long hair

Hairstyles for short hair

It seems that you have less choice for hairstyle if you got short hair. In fact, there are also lots of choices for girls in short hair. If you want to look neat and charming, choose a bob cut, the bob cut is classic and never out of fashion. If you want to look mature and feminine, you may choose a wavy bob. For girls who have long faces, you might choose sexy side parted wavy bob hair style. On fine hair, loose defined waves are the perfect way to get added natural volume and create the visual illusion of thicker locks.

prom hairstyle for short hair

Hairstyles for medium hair

A medium length may set some restrictions on variability of hairstyles, since some ‘dos really look more advantageous on longer lengths. But that doesn’t mean you can’t afford plenty of gorgeous updos. If you wish to keep your locks off the face and more or less organized, choose a chic updo. For girls who want to lay hair down, choose beautiful, elegant curls. There are plenty of ways to wear curly medium hair. What’s more, medium hair is a great length to wear half down to prom. Shorter hair doesn’t have less styling options but that’s not a bad thing. You can just keep it simple and let your medium haircut do its gorgeous thing at prom.

prom hairstyle for medium hair

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Teen fashion: How to choose a flattering prom hairstyle

An appropriate hairstyle can enhance the look and personality of a person. If you want to look stunning on the prom, you should not only prepare a beautiful prom gown, you should also pay attention to your makeup, accessories and hairstyle. A bad hairstyle could ruin your whole look. It’s never too early to think about your prom gown and prom hairstyle!

Your hair should complement your dress. If your dress is classic and elegant, you might go for a traditional look. If your dress is more contemporary, you might try an edgier look. If your dress has an intricate neckline, you might want to wear hair up to show it off. Same goes for your body. If your shoulders are a favorite body part, don’t wear hair loose.


You should also take your face shape into consideration when choosing your prom hair. Usually, curls add width and volume to long faces and soften square faces. Loose curls and long layers frame round faces without adding width. And side swept bangs would help to create a new focal point for heart-shaped faces at the eyes and cheekbones. You may lengthen a round face with some height at the crown either, with an updo with a poof or curls. Those with oval faces versatile faces can select a feature to highlight. An updo draws attention to the neckline while bangs will focus attention toward the eyes.


Amazing hair can be easier than you think. Here are two wonderful hairstyle ideas for your 2015 prom. Check out the hot prom hair ideas for your big night!

Bun with a Braid

A beautiful big bun wrapped in braids is always a sophisticated and fun look that is right on cue with trends. It’s really easy, you can DIY this hairstyle at home. First, mist hair with hairspray to smooth back into a ponytail after smoothing hair with blow dryer and brush. Then, backcomb ponytail to create volume, smooth surface of ponytail and wind to create bun, keeping a section out to create braids at the top. After that, you may secure bun with bobby pins. Separate section into three and create three braids. Wrap braids around bun and secure from underneath with bobby pins. A t last, finish your look with your favorite hairspray and shine spray and get ready to turn heads!


Modern Updo

Try a modern updo if you love crazy curls but want something different. First, dry your hair, section hair into three sections, each side and back. Curl one inch sections using a 1-inch barrel curling iron or wand. After that, mist a texture spray through curls and let dry completely, shake curls out using your hands. If they are too soft and perfect, use a wide tooth comb to lightly back comb to achieve an imperfect look! Then you can gather your hair to one side (at the base of neck). Continue following at an angle to just behind the ear, pinning hair as you go. Gather top section and add to back. You may use a wide tooth comb to blend fringe area into curls. At last, mist your hair with hairspray and place curls while you let it dry.


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Impressive Blake Lively Red Carpet Styles

Blake Lively, one of America’s favorite sweethearts, is both successful in film and fashion. It’s no secret that Blake Lively has killer style. Every time when she appeared on the red carpet, she would be the focus of the crowd. She is one of the few fashion icons who both have wonderful figure and extraordinary fashion taste.

Her personal sense of style conquered the hearts of many picky fashion commentators. Many Big-name fashion designers and top supermodels are voluntary to act as guest actors in her TV series. Here are some classic fashion moments of this charming fashion icon.

Blake Lively has unrivaled natural advantages. The media said that she has “Jennifer Aniston’s frank eyes, Cameron Diaz’s hearty smile, Jessica Simpson’s beautiful curly hair and invincible 20-year-old youth”. Even the most critical fashion blogger praised her perfect figure.

Gucci Premiere

In 2010, “Father of the red-soled shoes”, famous shoe designer Chrisitian Louboutin named a pair of red shoes after Blake’s name. In 2011, Blake Lively became the spokesman of Chanel Mademoiselle handbag, the Ad Campaign was directed by fashion emperor Karl Lagerfeld. Chanel also held two evening parties in Paris and New York for this spokesman. Blake Lively became one of the hottest names in fashion circles.

Blake Lively Balmain SpringIn 2012, Blake became the latest global spokesperson of Gucci Premiere. The print ads was shot by Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott. TV commercials were directed by famous director Nicolas Winding Refn. She received absolutely superstar treatment. After that, she also won the endorsement of L’Oreal Paris.

Here are some very impressive fashion moments of Blake Lively.

Blake Lively Gucci

Blake Lively in Cucci

Blake Lively film

 Blake Lively in Chanel Couture

Blake Lively Versace

Blake Lively in Versace, which Versace dress you prefer? Click here to find similar red prom dresses.

Blake Zuhair Murad Couture

Blake Lively in Zuhair Murad

(NEW YORK  CITY)blake lively at gma in hot red Blake Lively in Michael Kors

Brits To Watch Blake LivelyBlake Lively in Marchesa

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Ulyana Sergeenko Dresses Inspired By Oil Paintings Hundreds of Years Ago

Fashion is constantly changing, but people’s love and pursuit of beauty has never changed. Can you imagine that the beautiful couture dresses on the runways are so similar to the oil paintings one hundred years age? Fashion and art are always sympathetic to each other, fashion designer Ulyana Sergeenko gave us the perfect demonstration. Let’s see review the high fashion came from oil paintings.

Belted coat has always been a classic fashion theme, The Paris lady in the French painter Jean Béraud’s painting wore a black modern coat and a pair of high heels. Though she was in all black clothes, she looked so charming and eye-catching. Ulyana also chose a belted coat. Fluffy skirt and three-dimensional cut of the upper body made her waist look slender. Pink high heels are icing on the cake for the whole look.

Ulyana Sergeenko 2

“Pour vivre heureux, vivons caches” is a French proverb. It means “Low-key life will bring you happiness”. It’s not only the accumulation of life experience, but also revealed the essence of a woman dress. People who really have good fashion sense will not wear too dramatic clothes or luxury and complex jewelry to make them look stunning. On the contrary, they would prefer understated clothing. So all kinds of long dresses are must haves for noble and elegant women. The model who wore Ulyana stunning white long dress looked so similar to the woman in the painting!

Ulyana Sergeenko

The woman in painter Antonio de la Gandara’s painting wore an elegant lace black dress. And the long black lace dress designed by Ulyana was as elegant as the dress in the painting. Ulyana matched the lace long dress with nude colored high heels, making the model look like a ballerina. Ulyana again found a balance between modern and traditional aesthetics, she really understands the definition of femininity and always uses her own way to do perfect interpretation.

Ulyana Sergeenko 3

Ulyana Sergeenko’s favorite accessories not limited to the “traditional” hand bags. She also have a special favor for the vintage lace umbrella. The model looked like lady who came from the 19th century! Ulyana cleverly removed complicated lace and replaced with beautiful ruching. sketching out the perfect back and waist curves of woman.

Ulyana Sergeenko 4

The once very popular veils disappeared because of the outbreak of women liberation. Ulyana cleverly brought them back to fashion circle. She re-injected new meaning to this “old” accessory.

Ulyana Sergeenko 5

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How to Choose Crop Tops According to Your Body Shapes

Crop tops are definitely the hottest clothes in this season. They are perfect clothes for girls to keep cool and stylish in hot weather. We can see fashion icons wearing crop tops on the red carpets, runways and streets. If you think that crop tops are patent for girls who have good figures, then you are wrong. You can still be sexy and charming with crop tops as long as you have learned some clothing matching skills.

Back in early summer, we can foresee crop tops’ popularity. Those sexy crop tops are perfect for unrestrained and passionate summer season. Here are some dressing tips for girls with different figures.

Crop Tops

If you are a slim and tall girl, then congratulations to you, you have the figure that most girls want to won. You can choose a waist length crop top, showing your beautiful waist. About your bottoms, you may wear low-waist dress or pants.

Crop top for slim body

Don’t be desperate if you have pear-shaped body. Choose a crop top that the lower hem of it is located on the thinnest part of your waist. Then, you can select a high waist skirt to match with the crop. Browse more dresses for pear-shaped bodies.

Crop top for pear-shape body

You may be the most suitable person to wear a crop-top if you have a perfect hourglass figure! Since you have extremely slim waist, you can wear tops which the hems are just below your breast. Then, you can match the tops with natural waist bottoms. You will look slim and stylish.

Crop top for hourglass figure

Plump figures are really feminine. But plump girls also have their own concerns – such as how to wear crop-top? You may learn from the models. A waist length top and high waist pencil skirt will solve everything.

Crop top for plump figures

For girls with wide shoulders, halter crop tops are best for you. They will make your shoulders appear narrower. What’s more, you can choose an umbrella skirt to match with the tops. The big hem can hide your hip lines and balance your shoulder lines, making your body look more balanced.

Crop tops for girls with wide shoulders

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Do not let your prom dress leak the secret of your body

Every girl wishes to show her best side on her special day. The prom day is a very important day for every girl. However, not every girl’s figure is perfect, girls more or less have some shortcomings on the figures. So, covering up the shortcomings and amplifying the advantages of the figures are the principles for girls when choosing for dresses.

Body Type: Petite
Dress Keywords: oblique skirt
High-low design creates an asymmetrical beauty visually and makes petite girls look taller. What’s more, high-low dresses can show the beautiful legs, playful and solemn at the same time.

 Blue Prom Dresses

Body Type: Apple Type
Dress Keywords: rich waist decoration
Many girls are lack of confidence for their plump apple figures. For girls who have apple shaped bodies, dresses with eye-catching waist adornments are good for you. Some sparkling rhinestone decorations or simple satin slim belts will make your waists appear slim visually.

 Long Dresses

Body Type: Busty
Dress Keywords: corset style
You can pay attention to corset style dresses if you have busty breasts. You’d better avoid too loose or tight corsets.

Pink Prom Dresses

Body Type: Slim and Thin
Dress Keywords: beautiful neckline
Many women wish to have thin and slim figures, but these kinds of figures are lack of feminine charming. If you wish to increase the mellow feeling to the chest and build perfect S-shaped curve, you can choose dresses with beautiful embroidery or lace on the neck.

 Pink Prom Dresses


Body Type: Hourglass
Dress Keywords: A-Line dress
Hourglass shaped body is female body type that will make men crazy. Usually, you will have busty shoulder, hip and breast if you have hourglass shaped body. If you want to hide your fat hips, you can choose A-line dresses.

Sexy Prom Dresses

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