Fashion trend: Off the shoulder

What are the most sexy female body parts? I believe most of the people will say the breast, hip and leg. In my opinion, the neck and the shoulder are very sexy part of a woman. A woman who has perfect neck lines and shoulder lines is extremely sexy and charming! The off shoulder dresses can highlight the shoulders of women. Off shoulder clothes were representative clothes in 1950s. Now, this trend has come back!

The modern society is a technological society, futuristic costumes are very popular. However, vintage clothes and vintage-inspired clothes still have the market. And the vintage fashion is becoming more and more popular in recent years. Off shoulder neckline was representative design in 1950s. The off shoulder dresses will show your collarbone and shoulders. If you have beautiful neck and shoulders, the off shoulder clothes are your best choices. The historic off shoulder clothes will keep you stylish and cool in the hot summer!

1950s fashion

Let’s see some dressing examples.

This all-black off shoulder knee length dress seems to bring us back to the time and space in the 1950s, extremely elegant and charming!

black off shoulder dress

Hot Little Black Dress 2014

Off shoulder dresses always give us feminine and elegant feelings. They can still give us naughty and cute feelings. Look at this red and blue dress, so chic!

red and blue off shoulder dress

Off shoulder dresses are not patent for mature ladies. You can still wear off shoulder dress if you are a young girl. This girl looked so sweet in the palace-style doll shirts!

off shoulder top

If you want to see bold and sexy looks, then look at this sexy knitwear. The black tie-dyed denim shorts and the off shoulder knitwear made the girl look so hot and cool!

off shoulder knitwear

Off shoulder upper outer garment and parachute skirt were 1950s standard mix. The improved short top added some modern feelings to the whole look.

off shoulder suits

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3 comments on “Fashion trend: Off the shoulder

  1. fabrizia says:

    Find this trend really sexy!
    Fabrizia – Cosa Mi Metto???

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