Learn to dress like a lady from Princess Kate

Princess Kate received much public attention when she follow Prince William to have diplomatic visit, the elegant princess style has become fashion focus, many girls want to imitate her way of dressing. The royal style that Princess Kate brought to us is different. The royal styles gave us an inaccessible feeling in the past. But the feelings that Princess Kate gives us are more accessible. I have selected some classic looks, I will teach you how to dress like a princess.

The blue ink print dress that Princess Kate wore when she visited Australia Blue Mountains region recently is only $416, this dress has become the best seller of the brand in an instant. Printing Ink dress itself already has a good visual impact, so for the accessories, you’d better choose pure colored accessories to match with the dress. Short and compact chic necklace will become the crowning touch. It’s spring now, floral dresses are quite popular in this season. You can add some floral dresses in your closets.

Princess Kate

Princess Kate’s love for the sea-striped shirt lasted for several years, looking at her photos in recent years, we can always see the sea-striped shirts. Form this we can see that Kate wants to get closer to people. Even though you are wearing ordinary sea-striped shirt, you can’t lose elegance. You can wear a pair of high heels and chuck collarbone necklace to help you to add more feminine charming.

Princess Kate

Black dresses are always very good choices if you have important meetings or parties. Princess Kate looked so elegant and dignified in this long sleeve black dress. The embroidery design on the shoulder highlighted the whole dress. Black and metallic colors are best matches, so do not worry that your black dress is too plain, choose some golden accessories to ornament your dress! There are plenty of modest dresses at LunaDress, you are sure to find a perfect dress for formal occasion.

Kate Princess

Six Things That You Can’t Do When Preparing For A Wedding

As a perfect bride on the wedding day, you should not only pay attention to your wedding dress and makeup, you must also pay attention to your behavior. Sometimes, a wonderful wedding would possibly be ruined by your bad manners. Here are some things that you’d better not do on your big day.

Try desperately to lose weight

Some ladies want to appear slimmer and charming on the wedding day. Therefore, they try to eat less and excise more. Many would try some strange and unhealthy weight loss methods to lose weight in very short time. Many weight loss methods might work in the short term, however, lots of unhealthy weight loss methods may make you feel tired and depressed. What’s more, your skin and hair condition would also be affected. Try some healthy ways to lose weight. No matter what your body shape is, you can always find a dress suits you well at Lunadress.  Check the fashion bridal gowns by Lunadress to find your dress.

Excessive paranoia on the perfect wedding

Want everything be wonderful on your wedding? If you want everything to be wonderful and perfect, what waiting for your may be serious budget overruns. If you want your wedding dress, wedding cake, wedding bouquet and other wedding details to be the best and constantly increase the cost of wedding once you see a better target on magazines or internet. You may spend several times of your original budget. The wedding is just the beginning of your marriage, do not waist too much money.

Neglect your fiancé

“Honey, I can’t have dinner with you, I have to meet the florists / hairdresser / beautician…”Do you often say that recently? It’s adverse to build good marriage relationship if you often neglect your other half. Spare some tine with your other half and enjoy the wedding preparation.

Be self-centered

Do you have more and more requests for your friends, fiancé and bridesmaid group unconsciously on wedding purchases and various gifts? Do you always find an excuse to spend more and more money. Ask yourself whether you really need so much particular concern on you.

Do not care the feelings of your parents

In fact, you wedding will not just affect yourself, it will also bring changes to your parents. You parents would try to argue with you to hide their restless feelings. If you can’t help them to get rid of the uneasy feelings, try to understand them.

Tell too much about wedding

When someone ask the preparation of your wedding, do not tell others every detail of your wedding preparation and continue for several minutes. In fact, many people do not care much about the details.

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