Teen fashion: How to choose a flattering prom hairstyle

An appropriate hairstyle can enhance the look and personality of a person. If you want to look stunning on the prom, you should not only prepare a beautiful prom gown, you should also pay attention to your makeup, accessories and hairstyle. A bad hairstyle could ruin your whole look. It’s never too early to think about your prom gown and prom hairstyle!

Your hair should complement your dress. If your dress is classic and elegant, you might go for a traditional look. If your dress is more contemporary, you might try an edgier look. If your dress has an intricate neckline, you might want to wear hair up to show it off. Same goes for your body. If your shoulders are a favorite body part, don’t wear hair loose.


You should also take your face shape into consideration when choosing your prom hair. Usually, curls add width and volume to long faces and soften square faces. Loose curls and long layers frame round faces without adding width. And side swept bangs would help to create a new focal point for heart-shaped faces at the eyes and cheekbones. You may lengthen a round face with some height at the crown either, with an updo with a poof or curls. Those with oval faces versatile faces can select a feature to highlight. An updo draws attention to the neckline while bangs will focus attention toward the eyes.


Amazing hair can be easier than you think. Here are two wonderful hairstyle ideas for your 2015 prom. Check out the hot prom hair ideas for your big night!

Bun with a Braid

A beautiful big bun wrapped in braids is always a sophisticated and fun look that is right on cue with trends. It’s really easy, you can DIY this hairstyle at home. First, mist hair with hairspray to smooth back into a ponytail after smoothing hair with blow dryer and brush. Then, backcomb ponytail to create volume, smooth surface of ponytail and wind to create bun, keeping a section out to create braids at the top. After that, you may secure bun with bobby pins. Separate section into three and create three braids. Wrap braids around bun and secure from underneath with bobby pins. A t last, finish your look with your favorite hairspray and shine spray and get ready to turn heads!


Modern Updo

Try a modern updo if you love crazy curls but want something different. First, dry your hair, section hair into three sections, each side and back. Curl one inch sections using a 1-inch barrel curling iron or wand. After that, mist a texture spray through curls and let dry completely, shake curls out using your hands. If they are too soft and perfect, use a wide tooth comb to lightly back comb to achieve an imperfect look! Then you can gather your hair to one side (at the base of neck). Continue following at an angle to just behind the ear, pinning hair as you go. Gather top section and add to back. You may use a wide tooth comb to blend fringe area into curls. At last, mist your hair with hairspray and place curls while you let it dry.


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Color guide: How to wear nude

Nude outfits and accessories are must haves for every lady. Many celebrities choose to stand out with nude dresses, lips and high heels on the red carpet. You can wear nude from head to toe, you can also break nude with other colors. Here are some ideas on wearing nude.

Wear nude lip

There are many different shades of nude, from beige to mocha to sheer washes of pink. At first, you must choose the right shade of nude. Usually, you’d better avoid beige lipsticks if you got fair or pale skin, opt for soft pinks and peaches or pale apricot. Go for creamy, caramel-toned nudes and warm beiges if you have golden undertones in your skin. You can wear any shade of nude if you have olive skin. Choose light, creamy-toned beiges like latte or mocha if you have yellow undertones. Chocolate tones such as rich golden browns and coffees would work well on dark-toned skin. Nude-toned lip can be quite flattering, especially when coupled with a smoky eye.

nude lips


Wear nude shoes

Nude heels are the perfect work wardrobe staple because they go with everything. Besides, shoes of neutral color definitely have leg-lengthening abilities, high-heeled nude shoes blend well with the color of your legs giving you some extra inches of height! Nude shoes are first choices for many female stars on the red carpet. Nude shoes are classic. You can a good quality pair without a lot of trendy details — then take care of them properly — and you can wear them for years.

nude heels

Wear nude dress

Nude Dresses are generally seen in chic, romantic, and elegant style. From deep camel to a light hint of beige, nude can be worn in a wide spectrum of tones that bring to mind nature’s softest influences. It’s a great idea to wear a nude dress for a formal occasion. If you don’t want to look boring or too covered up, you can choose dresses showing off a little skin, whether through a plunging neckline or sheer paneling. Click here for trending nude dresses.

nude dresses

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Color guide: How to wear coral

Coral is a softer version of orange. This shade is widely used on wedding. Since coral is a bluer orange, it has equal parts warm and cool combined in it. So this shade looks well on people in different skin tons. You can wear coral in a variety of ways. You can choose coral as your clothing color or you can choose coral accessories to highlight your whole look.

Coral dresses are always prefect summer choices whether you choose long, asymmetric or simple. Coral is a color that you can both wear during days and nights. Coral goes well with many colors. If you choose to wear a coral dress, then you will have lots of choices on your accessories colors. Usually, accessories in mint, royal blue, black, white and gold would flatter your coral dress well. If you want a bold and romantic look, a coral dress is just perfect for you. Usually, choosing bridesmaid dresses is a really tough work since different people have different skin tones and body shapes. It’s hard to find colors that flatter every person. Coral dresses would be perfect for your girls. This shade would satisfy all of your bridesmaids. View tons of coral bridesmaid dresses online at LunaDress.

coral dress

Colored jeans are really popular these years. We can see a lot of fashion icons wearing stylish colored jeans in street snaps. If you wish to stand out, opt for coral jeans. Coral is a great color that can get you a lot of mileage. Worn with navy, you can ground this color in a neutral shade to create balance. Since coral is a universal color, a coral top is a great way to update your basic pieces like pencil skirts.

coral shoes

If you are not used to wear coral dress and jeans, you may add coral to your accessories. For example, you can wear a pair of coral high heels to make your grey work dress more stylish while still looking professional. If you are going to attend an evening party and plan to wear a simple dress, you may pair your dress with a pair of coral earrings, a coral belt or a coral evening clutch.

coral lip

What’s more, you can also add coral to you look by wearing coral lipstick. As I mentioned before, coral is a softer version of orange and orange lipstick flatters all skin tones, you may try coral lipstick if you don’t know how to find the right lip color for your skin tone.

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