Top Wedding Preparation Guide For Personalized Wedding

Every woman dreams to have a romantic wedding. Will you be so excited that you don’t know where to start when you start preparing your wedding? Here are 25 tips on preparing for a perfect wedding.

1. Discuss your wedding with your other half

Sit down with your fiancé and discuss your dream wedding. Try to think about the wedding details as detailed as possible. For example: Do you want a small or a grand wedding, a formal or relaxed wedding, do you wish to have your wedding in your city or in other city? Do not miss any slightest idea.

wedding photography

2. Find you dream wedding style on magazines

Before you book all services and repairing all the wedding supplies, you need to open the magazines to find inspiration for your wedding. For example, you can determine your wedding dress style accordding to the bride magzines and then search for similar styles online or in local shops. LunaDress is always is best place to shop for cheap wedding dress!

lace wedding dress

3. Propose your budget

Unless you are lucky enough to buy a lottery ticket and won millions of money, otherwise, you still need to consider a more realistic budget. First, who is going to bear these expenses, you, your fiancé, his parents, or your parents? You certainly do not want to be in debt after the wedding.


4. Personalized bold ideas

Do you wish your wedding to be different from the stereotyped weddings? Then you should add some personalized elements. For example, you can ask your bridesmaids to choose their own dress, you can bring your pets to your wedding, or you can ask the cook to cook some special home-cooked meals. There are so many creative ideas for you as long as you are willing to think.

wedding cake

5. Sign service contract

The contracts are the best friend for bride-to-be. You should carefully study the all contracts you signed with the service providers. For example: if DJ and live band are willing to perform when the wedding is overtime, if so, you should confirm this in your contracts.

6. Payment by credit card

You’d better use your credit card to pay for the costs when you are booking wedding service. Do not use cash! Because, if there is some trouble, such as the seller break the contract or go bankrupt, then your credit card bank will help you to deal with money issues. What’s more, if you have airline mileage integration in your credit card, you can use the integration to exchange for honeymoon tickets.

Hope all of the  bride- to be can have dream weddings and enjoy the sweetest moment in their lives.