How to Choose Crop Tops According to Your Body Shapes

Crop tops are definitely the hottest clothes in this season. They are perfect clothes for girls to keep cool and stylish in hot weather. We can see fashion icons wearing crop tops on the red carpets, runways and streets. If you think that crop tops are patent for girls who have good figures, then you are wrong. You can still be sexy and charming with crop tops as long as you have learned some clothing matching skills.

Back in early summer, we can foresee crop tops’ popularity. Those sexy crop tops are perfect for unrestrained and passionate summer season. Here are some dressing tips for girls with different figures.

Crop Tops

If you are a slim and tall girl, then congratulations to you, you have the figure that most girls want to won. You can choose a waist length crop top, showing your beautiful waist. About your bottoms, you may wear low-waist dress or pants.

Crop top for slim body

Don’t be desperate if you have pear-shaped body. Choose a crop top that the lower hem of it is located on the thinnest part of your waist. Then, you can select a high waist skirt to match with the crop. Browse more dresses for pear-shaped bodies.

Crop top for pear-shape body

You may be the most suitable person to wear a crop-top if you have a perfect hourglass figure! Since you have extremely slim waist, you can wear tops which the hems are just below your breast. Then, you can match the tops with natural waist bottoms. You will look slim and stylish.

Crop top for hourglass figure

Plump figures are really feminine. But plump girls also have their own concerns – such as how to wear crop-top? You may learn from the models. A waist length top and high waist pencil skirt will solve everything.

Crop top for plump figures

For girls with wide shoulders, halter crop tops are best for you. They will make your shoulders appear narrower. What’s more, you can choose an umbrella skirt to match with the tops. The big hem can hide your hip lines and balance your shoulder lines, making your body look more balanced.

Crop tops for girls with wide shoulders

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  1. Fiona says:

    I’ll definitely try this out 🙂 Great post!

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