Jewelry Tone Wedding Ideas You May Love

If you plan to have a luxury wedding, then the jewelry tone wedding would be a perfect choice. It’s no deny that pastels are big trends for spring wedding. Why not whip up some pretty inspiration for spring? Do not always follow the trends. Stay away from the pastels and bring out the richer colors of the season if you want your wedding to be unique!

Trendy jewel tones are making a big splash in style world. It’s impossible not to find these deep, luxe hues on the runway. Naturally, these pervasive colors translate seamlessly into weddings. From a rich emerald to a royal blue to berry hues of any shade, there’s a million ways to pull off a jewel tone in your wedding. You simply cannot say no to all these sweet but sophisticated jewel wedding ideas.

Jewelry tone bridal look

An easy way to incorporate jewel tones into your wedding look is through your make-up. Pair a dark fuschia lip with a green shadow on your eyelids for a striking effect. You can’t go wrong with a great pair of high heels in emerald green; or, if you’re a non-traditionalist, an all green wedding dress!

green wedding shoes

Jewelry tone bridesmaid dress

If you’re looking for the perfect bridesmaid look to complement your autumn wedding, consider jewel toned bridesmaid dresses. These deep hues are perfect for the colors of the season, and look stunning on longer dress lengths. Can’t pick just one color for your bridesmaids? Try a mix-and-match approach of jewel tone shades. View newly launched blue bridesmaid dresses at

bridesmaid group idea

Jewelry tone wedding bouquet

While pastel flowers bring out the ethereal charm of a wedding gown, jewel-toned bouquets imbue a white wedding dress with a dramatic air. Deep purple or plum shades of sculptural flowers like calla lilies and irises are radiant against a white backdrop, while roses or cosmos in espresso hues amp up the underlying warmth in your dress. Burgundy-black orchids are an edgy, modern choice, while Rococo parrot tulips in burgundy and gold give your gown an opulent finish.

wedding bouquet

Jewelry tone wedding cake

Bright and bold, trendy and fun, the jewelry tones are perfect for cake decorating. You can easily achieve a jewel toned look with fondant icing. What’s more, you can simply add some purple and red fruits to a rustic white cake. It’s quite easy, isn’t it?

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