Female Stars Who Love Gucci Première

Gucci launched the Première Collection of couture gowns, beginning with Salma Hayek in a wine red look on opening night. Since then, many female stars choose Gucci Première gowns as the red carpet dresses. Here are some famous female stars who love Gucci Première gowns.

As previously mentioned, Salma Hayek wore the first Gucci Première gown in public. Her husband is the owner of Gucci. So, she chose Gucci Première gown as the red carpet dress every time when she attend movie awards ceremony or film premiere. The green sequin sheath dress she wore in the middle of the picture can be regarded as one of the best dresses that she worn. View more 2015 green prom dresses at LunaDress.

Salma Hayek in Gucci Première

As the spokesperson of Gucci perfume, Blake Lively naturally wore the Gucci Première gowns when she attends different fashion events or film festival. The Gucci Première gown she wore on this year’s Cannes Film Festival was listed in the best dressed list. Whether burgundy high slit dress she wore on the opening day, or the vintage and elegant black and white dress she wore the premiere of the film The Captive, each red carpet style was so stunning. What’s more, Blake Lively also wore Gucci Première gowns for many times at MET BALL. Look at the nude sequin dress she wore at MET BALL, it showed us Blake Lively’s elegance and feminine charm vividly. Look as noble as Blake Lively in one of the newly launched formal gowns from LunaDress.

Blake Lively in Gucci Première

Chinese actress Li Bingbing was spokesperson of Gucci full range of products. She also chose Gucci Première gowns as her red carpet gown when she took part in film events. Of all the Gucci Première gowns she wore, the cream colored strapless gown with exquisite sequins and embroidery is especially impressive.

LiBingbing in Gucci Première

Apart from the above three female stars, many other actresses like Camilla Belle, Naomi Watts, Kate Beckinsale and Kate Hudson are fans of Gucci Première gowns. At the recent New York Film Festival, Naomi Watts debuted with a silver grey lace long sleeve dress, really modest and feminine. Anne Hathway looked sweet and refreshing with a Gucci Première gown when she attended “Les Miserables” premiere. The silver sequin dress Taylor Swift wore at Grammy Awards is so impressive. These dresses were all listed in the best dressed list. Gucci Première dresses

Who wore the Gucci Première best?